Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Now you can personalise your booking page. Add you own header, icon etc. Integrate your booking page into your website.


  1. Hey, I heard about the world's best smile contest on Smile Struck that is ending soon World's Best Smile Contest. It's to see who out there has the sexiest smile or a sexy smile and the best smile out there. . .I joined. its free to join, but I only voted because my smile isn't that great. lol SMILESTRUCK - Johnson

  2. Seems odd that a lot of Americans are so caught up with paying insurance companies to get medical care and dental care. Why not just save the money and use it for actually paying for the cheap medical and affordable dental work that you need. . .Are there any other groups other than (medical) or (dental, dentistry) that provides an opportunity for people to pay their doctor directly?