Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Use Twitter with YouBookIn to promote your business

Did you know that you can add a YouBookIn promotional link to a tweet.
If you have a special offer or new service why not tweet your friends and tell them about it and include a link to the offer.

How do you do that?

Under the 'Promote' tab in 'My Account' we provide links to your services and staff as well as to the business. When you set up a new staff diary or service the 'Promote' page is automatically updated with a new promotional link for that person or service.

To insert a promotional link in a tweet simply copy and paste the link into the tweet. Twitter may auto shorten the URL , depending on your set-up, but the link will still work. Your client clicks on the link and will be taken straight to the booking page.

Whenever you are promoting a service on-line always include a promotional link to the offer because if your client likes the offer you want them to be able to immediately before they forget.

There is no extra charge for using promotional links, you can use them as often as you want, on your website, in emails, in tweets or on Facebook.

Don't have YouBookIn yet? We offer a free trial of our online scheduler at where you can try it out for yourself.

YouBookIn is not just an administrative tool Use it to grow your business.


  1. Twitter may auto shorten the URL , depending on your set-up, but the link will still work. Your client clicks on the link and will be taken straight to the booking page.
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