Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How Online Appointments help Prevent 'No Shows'

No Shows!

Everyone hates them, if somebody doesn't buy a product in a shop today the proprietor can sell it to someone else tomorrow. But your time is the most perishable commodity you have, if a client doesn't turn up for an appointment with, for example a dietician or physiotherapist, then that slot is lost forever unless they are very lucky and get a walk-in client.

So what can you do to minimise No Shows?

Let's look at the reasons for No Shows and how YouBookIn can help.

1. The Client forgot.

Sometimes just an excuse but often a genuine reason.

With YouBookin your client will receive an email and/or an SMS reminder and is therefore less likely to forget.

2. The Client had the wrong Time or Date

YouBookIn's confirmation and reminder service will help greatly in eliminating this problem.

3. The Client is too Embarrassed/Scared/Shy to call and cancel.

Pathetic but true. Research has shown that some clients hate calling to cancel and keep putting off that call and then either give minimal notice or never call. YouBookIn's online cancellation facility gives them the opportunity to cancel as early as possible and that gives you the maximum time to refill that slot.

4. The Client is so self-centred and selfish that they couldn't be bothered to cancel.

Taking a deposit or prepayment and keeping it as a cancellation fee is one of the few ways of dealing with this type of client. Deposits are however not suitable for all types of businesses and you will have to weigh up the perceived negative attitude of some clients to them against the benefits of reducing and getting some payments for No shows.

YouBookIn offers the following options if you wish to take deposits.

a. Take deposits for all or just New Clients.

b. Specify which services you wish to take deposits on.

c. Set different amounts for different services.

We at YouBookIn recognise that every business is different and we give you the flexibility to set your own rules for cancellations and deposits. This is a case where 'One Size' does not fit all.

Grow your Business with YouBookIn's online scheduler.

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